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A one-day trip from Marrakech to Asni and Ourika Valley is a popular excursion among travelers.

A day trip to the two Valleys, from Marrakech is a great way to experience the natural beauty, culture, and richness of Morocco.

day trip from Marrakech to Asni and Ourika Valley

Here’s what you can expect in your day trip to the Atlas Mountains, Asni and Ourika

The journey to Asni and Ourika Valley takes about 1.5 hours, so it’s best to start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat and traffic.

Visit the weekly market in Asni: Asni is a small village known for its weekly market, which takes place every Saturday.

You can explore the market, which offers a range of local products, including pottery, textiles, spices, and fruits.

Drive through the Atlas Mountains

On your way to Ourika Valley, you will drive through the Atlas Mountains, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Setti Fatma is a popular spot in the Ourika Valley, known for its seven waterfalls.

You can take a hike to the highest waterfall, which offers a refreshing swimming spot.

Have a traditional lunch: You can have lunch at one of the local restaurants in Ourika Valley, which offer traditional Moroccan cuisine, including tagine, couscous, and grilled meats.

Asni and Ourika Valley offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco, so be sure to take time to enjoy the views.

After a full day of exploring, you can return to Marrakech in the evening, just in time for dinner and some rest.


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